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Mitigation in Concrete Basements

Radon Gas pressure is usually reduced by applying a method known as sub-slab depressurization. This method is designed to reduce the Radon gas pressure built up below the basement floor. PVC piping is inserted and sealed into the basement floor which is attached to an on-line fan creating a vacuum within the pipe which in turn suck’s the gas from the sub-basement, through the PVC pipe, and out of the home via the ventilation pipe.

The PVC piping is generally vented to the roofline of the home. It must be ten (10) feet above ground level and twenty four (24) inches above the highest un-sealed window or door…that is to say the door or window must be able to be opened and closed:

If the home is a multi-level structure, such as a colonial home, the PVC pipe can extend from the basement into a series of closets stacked one of top of another into an accessible attic and out through the roof. It is important to note that this configuration requires that the first and second floor closets be stacked on top of one another.

If there is an attached garage, the PVC pipe may be routed into the garage and exit through the garage roof. It is important to note that this configuration works best when the room above the garage is not finished.

If the PVC pipe is extended from the basement out over the top of the foundation through the side of the home (generally near the back corner board) and extended upward to the eave it will look much like a downspout.

Storch Radon Services, Inc. guarantees to reduce indoor radon levels below 4 pico Curies per liter of air (pCi/L) for the life of the home provided the mitigation system has been maintained by SRS, Inc. and is in good working condition. SRS, Inc. will make any necessary adjustments to lower indoor radon levels at no charge. SRS, Inc. will only acknowledge radon levels that have been measured by following professional protocol utilizing a NRPP certified measurement provider. All guarantees are transferable at no charge to any future owners of the property.

*Note: Contact SRS, Inc. regarding individual guarantees.